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ANDROIDWhat will you learn?

Key Learning in Android Training Course in MultiTech Developers:

  • How to develop your own Android apps.
  • Understand the architecture of Android applications, life cycle of various components, manifest, Intents and the use of external resources for Android development.
  • Design and develop Android applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending and creating your own layouts and views and using menus.
  • Take advantage of Android’s Application Framework API to build complex Android applications.
  • Utilize the power of background services, threads, asynchronous tasks and notifications.
  • Secure, tune, package, and deploy Android™ applications
  • And many more.


Course Coverage

Topics Covered During Classroom-Based Android Training Course in MultiTech Developers:

  • History of Android
  • Android Stack
  • Hello Android (Anatomy of android project)
  • Architecting Android Apps
  • Activities and User Interface
  • Action Bar and Navigation
  • Preferences
  • Advanced UI
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Data storage techniques and Content Providers
  • Lists and Adapters
  • Fragments
  • End of Session
  • Q and A
  • Android Course Completion Certifications