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  • About Big Data & Hadoop
  • What?

    Our Big Data and Hadoop course is designed to impart knowledge, skills and hands on experience required to become a successful Hadoop Developer, Administrator or Tester.


    An in-depth knowledge of the various tools and technologies that come under the Hadoop Eco-System will be covered in details. The focus will be on hands-on experience.


    Concepts Covered: Big Data, NoSQL, Streaming, Analytics
    Tools Covered: HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBASE, Zookeeper, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, Spark,Mahout

  • Why learn Big Data and Hadoop?

    Big Data is a collection of massive and complex data sets that are very difficult to manage and process with the existing tools intended for that purpose. Data generation is becoming a more obvious result of our everyday devices becoming cheaper, more powerful, compact and connected. We are generating data all the time such as tweeting, using emails, using facebook, uploading photos etc. Similarly our devices are also connected and are generating data. The result is a gargantuan mass of data that needs to be looked at for informed decision making.


    The only way ahead for organisations is to be able to store and process such large amounts of data, and for which, they use Big Data platforms like Hadoop. That proves the high demand of Hadoop Developers, Administrators, Tester and Scientists.


    The other way to measure the demand for Big Data and Hadoop technologies is to look at the number of jobs being posted around the world on these technologies.


    Also, Big Data features in the top #3 technology trends in organisations as per Forbes and Gartner.

  • How?

    Our classes are conducted live online by our instructors via webinar or hangout. These are not pre-recorded classes. The instructor delivers the class using presentations, collaborative drawing tools, screenshares. All attendees are usually muted during the class. However, they can ask questions in the webinar or hangout chat windows. The instructor answers any questions asked immediately after explaining a concept. The instructor also asks questions during the sessions to ensure maximum student engagement.


    Every class is recorded, complete with the screen and the audio, and uploaded to the Learning Management System which is accessible to our attendees for life.


    At the end of each session, assignments are provided which the attendees have to submit in the LMS (Learning Management System). The assignments are continuously reviewed by our instructors and teaching assistants. In case we conclude that an attendee requires extra detailing, we schedule extra one-on-one sessions with that attendee.

  • What makes Big Data and Hadoop course unique?

    Interactive Classes: More Questions. Less Lectures.

    Simple explanations to complex topics by industry experts

    Hands on workshops and real time projects.

    Quizzes & Assignments

    Certificate of Course at the end of course

    A real time project involving Hadoop

    Lifetime access to course content

    CloudxLab™ - Access to the cloud infrastructure if learners don't wish to install Hadoop on their computers

  • What are the prerequisites to join Big Data and Hadoop course?

    To be able to take maximum benefit out of this course, you should have knowledge of the following:

    -Basics Of SQL. You should know the basics of SQL and databases.

    -A know-how of the basics of programming. We will be providing video classes covering the basics of Java. What is expected of the attendee is the ability to create a directory and see whats inside a file from the command line, and an understanding of 'loops' in any programming language.


    In addition, the attendee should have the following hardware infrastructure:

    -A good internet connection. An internet speed of 2mbps is good enough.

    -Access to a computer. Since it is an online course, you would have to install webinar or hangout on your computer.

    -Nice To Have: A power backup for your router as well as computer.

    -Nice To Have: A good quality headphones.

Big Data and Hadoop Course Coverage

Big Data Instruction, Hadoop Architecture

Architecture Recape, CloudxLab Overview, Installation

MapReduce Framework

Advance MapReduce, Testing

Apache Spark

Pig Latin

Pig Latin cont., Hive Basics

Advance Hive, NoSQL Database and HBase

Advance HBase and ZooKeeper

Apache Flume, Apache Sqoop, Oozie


Comarisons of No SQLs, Project